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Building use. 
Working areas generally require a higher temperature than a storage area.

Ventilation rate. 
Low: Doors or loading areas rarely used.
High: Goods in and out regularly, doors open. 


Fabbri F28 with man
Smaller Buildings, Garages & Drying

Wood heating for smaller workshops and garages or multi-room applications. Models F28-F55. Single-phase installations. Ideal for small drying kilns, garages and workshops.

Medium Workshop, Factories Drying

Wood heating for Commercial buildings, medium storage areas, larger workshops and poorly insulated buildings. Models F55-F85-F120.

Fabbri F350 with man
Large Commercial, Factories, Drying

Wood heating for large and extra-large buildings, large production areas, commercial buildings and large drying applications. Models F120-F240-F350