Advice & Tech Guides

General guides all all aspects that can effect the operation, installation and operation of the Fabbri log, waste wood, carpentry waste wood chip and more

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Fabbri warranty

Fabbri offer full industry leading pre and after sales technical support.

How it works

A brief description and diagram explaining how a Fabbri workshop and factory heater works.

Installation Clearances

Safe operating distances from working and stored items.

Installation Dimensions

Fabbri hot air heater dimensions and weight.

Motorised flue fan

A motorised flue fan assists the upward draught through the chimney, helping eliminate potential flue problems.

Spring & Autumn Syndrome

A technical guide to show the influences of seasonal temperatures upon the operation of a stove and flue system.

Twin Wall Flue Installation Instructions

The chimney installation for the Zero hot air wood burning heater straight forward. See the attached instructions.

Typical Chimney Installation

Chimney and flue installation of Fabbri wood burning space heater with flue fan

What can I burn?

Any type of dry or seasoned wood, off cuts, broken pallets, waste wood, split logs, clean secondary wood waste, carpentry off cuts, pellets, briquettes and wood chips.