How to Install Wood Burning Hot Air Heater



A  Insulated Chimney
 Storm Collar
C  Roof flashing
D  Roof support to retain chimney
E  Twin wall to single wall adaptor
F  Single wall flue pipe. Twin wall is also suitable
G  Wall support. Retains internal flue 
H  Internal bends
I  Flue starter kit
J  Flue to Fabbri adaptor
K  Debris trap for falling soot
L  Flue support stand


Single wall flue when used inside a building must be kept well away from any inflammable materials. This must at least 3 times its diameter. A 6” (150mm) single wall flue pipe must be 18” (450mm). This often means that twin wall flue is more suitable as it can be as close as 2-3” from inflammables, depending on the manufacture. 
Good access for cleaning should always be designed into the chimney system.
If fitted with a fan flue it is recommended to connect from a 45deg or 90deg angle through a Tee pipe.

Typical Chimney Installation

Chimney and flue installation of Fabbri wood burning space heater with flue fan

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Installation Clearances

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