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Listed below are some of the most general asked questions about the installation of your Fabbri wood burning hot air space heaters.
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You can burn any type of dry or seasoned wood, such as off cuts, broken pallets, waste wood, split logs, pellets, briquettes as well as small quantities of paper and cardboard mixed with wood. For more information about wood fuels, Click Here. Fuel-my-Fabbri


Single Phase 230v models 

F28 and F55 models are suitable for single phase 230V.

3 Phase 415V

F85, F120, F240 and F350 require a 3 phase electric connection.


It’s always recommended to use an engineer who has some experience of heating and chimneys. However, the general rules are very straight forward, these include:

  • Correctly located in sensible position where fuel can be easily brought to. 
  • The flue and chimney can be routed vertically with only a few and gentle bends.
  • Central to the heated location so the hot air can distribute relatively evenly.
  • Out of general passage ways and warehouse movements.

The F120, F240 and F350 are supplied as standard with flue fans to assist with creating a negative pressure. 
The F28 is only available for natural draught chimneys.
The F55 and F85 can be supplied without a flue fan (ie. designed for a natural draught flue) or with a flue fan to assist with creating a negative pressure in the appliance.


F55 & F85 SV is supplied without a flue fan.
F55 & F85 CV are supplied with a flue fan.

The amount of wood needed to produce a certain amount of heat is mainly determined by the moisture.

To burn wet wood a lot of the energy in the wood is used boil the water into steam to get rid of it before burning.

The energy from wood is measured by the density in the wood. The heavier the wood the more the kW available per kg.

For a detailed view into wood and its energy read is Article woodLogs

As a rule no, ducting is not required.

The Fabbri is supplied with very good internal distribution fans which collect the air from the room of installation, push this air through the heat exchanger and blow it from the top at speed to distribute it into the area being heated.

The Fabbri is fitted with directional tubes at the top so the heated air can be pointed towards where its needed most.


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Fabbri Flue Diagram Flashing Kit
Typical Chimney Installation

Chimney and flue installation of Fabbri wood burning space heater with flue fan