Smoke Exemption Rules

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In a smoke control area you can only burn fuel on the list of authorised fuels, or any of the following ‘smokeless’ fuels, unless you’re using an exempt appliance:

  • anthracite
  • semi-anthracite
  • gas
  • low volatile steam coal

Exempt appliances that can burn unauthorised fuels

Unauthorised fuels, such as wood, can only be burned in exempt appliances such as some boilers, cookers and stoves.

You must only use the types of fuel that the manufacturer says can be used in the appliance.

Fabbri heat flow diagram

Our range of hot air heaters are not approved for use in Exempt areas burning wood. 


Fabbri models by size

Hot air space heaters for garages, warehouse, storage, large garages, production and large commercial areas.

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