F28 Chimney Flue Kit, 4.5M height

Starter Kit contains all the flue for a vertical Chimney of 4.5m height from the outlet 150mm internal diamater.

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The system is designed so that the outer case is load bearing and the inner liner is free to expand independently, therefore thermal expansion is accommodated within each and every joint of the system.


  • Twist-lock bayonet jointing system. Secured by locking band.

  • Advanced corrosion-resistant design and construction use laser welded 316L stainless steel inner liner and stainless steel case.

  • The 25mm of high-density mineral wool insulation maintains flue gas temperature, maximising efficiency, improving flue draught on start-up and minimising condensation.

  • Low external case temperature.

  • The inner liner is free to expand through the female collar, allowing for maximum thermal expansion even during a soot fire.

  • The inner liner has an engineered design with an inward bead at the female end which acts as a capillary break preventing moisture being drawn through the joint.

  • Lip seal packs are available containing a quick fit female lip seal with a grease sachet to allow product to be easily adapted for use in Positive Pressure (P) app

This kit contains the following

Internal diameter 150mm. External Diameter 200mm

 Insulated flue All chimney sections passing through a roof or exposed outside a building must be twin-wall installed chimney suitable for wood burning applications

126058 150mm 960mm long twin wall insulated flue quantity supplied 4

126054 150mm 90deg Tee with condensation tee cap

146419 Appliance Connector Insulated 150-150

127213 Wall Band. To support and prevent movement of the flue system quantity supplied 3

100963 Roof support. To support the chimney as it exits through the roof to create a stable platform

127197 Roof Flashing 5-45deg. Prevents water ingress around the chimney as it exits the roof

106141 Storm collar. Fits above flashing to prevent water leakage through flashing.

126130 Taper Terminal. Closes the top of the twin wall system.
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Flue support stand for Fabbri F28 through to the F240
Bundle Discount
Starter Kit contains all the flue for a vertical Chimney of 4.5m height from the outlet 150mm internal diamater.
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